After years of experience as a conservatory educated jazz vocalist, it was time for a change.
Noël is now using her skills to write songs with dance and house influences. She wrote together with other artists such as Lomalo and collaborated with producer Rowen Reecks. Noël proves that electronic music can be combined with catchy and easy listening melodies.
The electronic productions stand in bold contrast with the light timbre of her voice. The lyrics contain millennial related subjects, and the vibe is feminine and raw.

Noël van de Wiel (1994) is a Dutch singer based in Amsterdam. She started singing because of her musical father. At the age of eleven, she was in the final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands. During her entire secondary school years, she took lessons at the Junior Jazz College, a young talent course at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Subsequently, she successfully completed the bachelor jazz/pop at the Conservatory of Utrecht. Because of the focus on jazz and improvisation, she has built years of experience as a jazz singer in the circuit.

But Noël isn't shy of a party and couldn’t resist to writing her own music in another genre and see people dance to her songs.
Her first single “Stay with me” released on march 10th in 2023 and more releases are on their way.